Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Tree Spirit

Do you have one of those events that happen once a year. Every year at a certain time you expect a phone call requesting your help (and not a call center.) I got this call a week or so ago and when I saw the name on my caller ID I knew what it was about. The request came and I gladly accepted and laughed with the caller before hanging up. The caller was asking me to help with a fund raiser. Last night I had the privilege of selling Christmas trees for the 2nd Trinity Scout Troop as a result of this seasonal call. This troop has been selling Christmas trees for over 15 years now and it is one of their big fund raisers and as a former Scout and leader for this group I feel a rewarding loyalty that painlessly obliges me to help with this wonderful effort.

It was snowing hard as I arrived at the tree stand and I couldn't help but be in the Christmas spirit as I whistled "Let it Snow." The snow flakes were big and fluffy and I was glad I had dressed for snow as I helped a number of customers pick out trees and load them into or onto their vehicles. Some folks loved the snow while others weren't to certain and this led me to observe the people I met that night a bit more than usual.

It was amusing to see the different approaches to how people pick their trees. Some folks will look at a number of trees before picking the first one they looked at. Others simply pick a tree and fire it in the truck with a smile and a big thanks. Others take their time and look over various trees until they find one that is just right. To some people, picking out a Christmas tree is serious business, while others are light hearted.

Personally, I think, even Christmas trees are starting to contribute to the commercialism of Christmas. If you have a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree or if you have a huge full tree, your Christmas should still be the same. It is the spirit of the tree and that which surrounds the tree on Christmas morning that counts.

I still have to get my tree and I look forward to the family trip to the tree lot and the decorating that follows. If you're in the Sussex area and need a tree stop by the Scout's tree lot at Wayne's Convenience on Main Street. The trees are a great price and lots of Christmas spirit.

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