Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Winter is Exercise for the Mind

Whalen’s Wanderings
Pushing The Mind Through Winter Snow

It has been a beautiful fall with lots of mild temperatures and I have been able to get out and enjoy a good portion of it. I have been wading up and down streams for work lately and the ice is slowly starting to creep over the stream channel. Despite the great fall weather, the ice tells me winter is coming. I am sure that the skiers are starting to get the itch as bad as I am, even though I don’t ski.

For me winter brings about a whole new chapter in out door fun. The snow and cold temperatures add a whole new set of challenges when heading outside this time of year. Aside from the challenges winter also offers a smooth, white, landscape that begs to be enjoyed and played in. For some, winter is a time to stay inside and pass the time. Those people don’t know what they are missing. Even some, who claim to be outdoor enthusiasts, head to the gym in the winter time to get their exercise. Those of us who wander outside in winter know that the ice and snow make walking twice the exercise as what it is in summer.

I know the cold provides a mental obstacle to overcome but if you can push yourself out the door and shovel off the nearby pond and go skating, you will be well rewarded. If you can strap on a pair of snowshoes then your walk won’t even seem like exercise but rather a walk in the clouds. In Canada we are blessed with four well defined seasons and our winter months only need to be as long as you make them. As Canadians, many of us are well adapted at making winter a glorious playground. In New Brunswick and in Kings County especially, we have many great outdoor activities that we can partake in. Poley Mountain, once the snow flies, offers great skiing and snowboarding. Ski-dooing on our “white gold” is another way to enjoy winter and Adair’s Lodge and the Timberland Motel cater kindly to these groups. Elmhurst Outdoors offers those looking to snow shoe or cross country ski a variety of scenic, groomed trails as does Fundy National Park. Ice climbing is quickly growing in popularity in the area as we have places such as the Parlee Brook ice amphitheater and the Walton Glenn Gorge close by. For skaters any nearby pond or the outdoor rinks in Sussex Corner or Quispamsis can provide hours of cheap outdoor fun. Last, but definitely not least would be tobogganing or sliding and this can be done on any hill near you and easily becomes a party with the right friends and family.

So no matter where you are in Kings County there is no excuse for getting the winter blues. Simply push yourself to get out there and explore and wander through the snow covered playground. Hope to see you in the woods, on the trails or the well frozen pond.

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