Monday, December 21, 2009

Living Manger

The Christmas spirit is at work within me again. My family and I went to the St. Mark’s Church in Sussex Corner tonight for their Living Manger. What a great event for family’s in this Village. This is definitely something I will be looking for next year. It was entertaining to say the least to watch my four year old son as he listened to the choir signing classical Christmas hymns. His eyes shone wide in the evening light and just when you thought they couldn’t get bigger, he saw the donkey. I’m giggling simply writing about it. “Heeeeehhaaaw” he laughs with excitement.

The night was crisp and cold, but calm. The songs rang out and lifted everyone who was there. The expected missed steps simply added to the event and made it memorable. The animals appealed to the young people in the audience while the story and music kept the attention of the adults. The makeshift manger and the hay bale seating just made it feel that much more like a traditional Christmas outing. By traditional, I mean one where people and community come together as one, where the message is more important than the presents, and where Christ is idolized more than the tree.

This night was one where we could sit and simply enjoy one another while the hectic pace of the commercial side of Christmas buzzed by behind our backs on the street. The parking lot of the church was its own little world for the entire length of the twenty minute show, and very little penetrated the Christmas mood it was setting. A slower pace is what we all need this time of year and I hope you can find it.

This time next year I recommend that you make time to take in this wonderful Christmas event. I thank those who organized this great event and I tip my hat to you all.

Merry Christmas.

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