Saturday, January 30, 2010

GWC Update Week 4

It is week four of my Green Weight Loss Challenge and things are now moving along smoothly. It is taking less for me to convince myself to walk into work and I even walked in through a snowstorm this week. I have to admit though I was offered a drive and took it after getting about half way there on foot. One day this week I could have made $1.15 collecting redeemable beverage containers. That is 23 cans/bottles randomly thrown out along the Main Streets in Sussex. That is a bit dissappointing. To add to this, if Tim Horton Cups were redeemable I would likely have made $100s of dollars. I truly think this is something that should be considered. I am sure those who eek out a living collecting redeemables would appreciate it and move up highly in the earning category.

I have now walked to work 15/20 days and lost, are you ready for this....5lbs. No change from the week before, I know, but I ate a couple of large meals this week, including two on the road.

So my total mileage saved on my car is up to 72km, resulting in 17.06kgC taken out of the atmosphere.

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