Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Two-fold Challenge

Recently I have embarked on a two-fold challenge. One is a physical challenge and one is an environmental challenge. I want to let you know about this challenge as it might interest you. So what are the challenges?

The physical challenge I am taking up is to walk to work at least 4 days a week. I live approximately 4.8km from my office and it takes me almost an hour to make it to the office. My goal from this physical challenge is to lose some weight and tone my body a bit more. I will not be changing my diet or my life style significantly as I love food. I hope to lose some weight simply by burning a few extra calories.

The environmental challenge is to walk to work 4 days a week. I live approximately 4.8km from my office and this will save me fuel and reduce my carbon footprint. As an environmentalist it is important to me to take this step and I hope to monitor my progress and tally my carbon credits. I don’t know a great deal about this process but I am hoping that as I learn so to will those who follow my blog.

This one activity has a significant impact on two main themes in my life; active living and environmental conservation. I hope that through this exercise that I can demonstrate to myself and others how easy it is to reduce my carbon footprint while living a healthy lifestyle. The final equation will show total weight loss as an equivalent to carbon credits.

Stay tuned and get active for the environment.

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