Monday, January 25, 2010

Week Three of the GWLC

My Green Weight Loss Challenge is now entering its fourth week and I am pretty happy to say that I have started to notice some weight loss. From my starting weight of 206lbs I am now down to 201lbs. I weigh myself on my home scales in the evenings. I simply wanted to make that consistent and I tend to remember it better at night than in the morning. I have managed to walk to work 11 out of 15 days so I am pleased with that. I feel more energetic, more peaceful and if not for a bit of a cold, I would likely be able to sleep better.

So on the Green side of the challenge, my walking to work has reduced my carbon emissions by approximately 12.51kg to date. Again to review the formula I take the number of days walked to work (11) multiply that by the distance walked each day (4.8km) and multiply that by the kilograms of carbon my car emits per kilometer (0.237kgC/km) so the end formula looks like this - 11dys x 4.8km/dy x 0.237kgC/km = 12.51kgC.

My next step in this challenge is to find out how much 1carbon credit is worth and whether or not you can receive payment for partial credits. As I stated in last weeks up date I would have to walk to work for 4years before recieveing a full credit, so I hope it is worth lots :)

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