Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Latest on My GWC

Well I now weigh 200lbs again. This is nuts. I really thought I could lose weight a bit easier than this. Although when I think about it, it is only fair. I was only able to walk to work 3days this week. On Monday it was bitterly cold and I walked only to have my eyebrows freeze and my balclava frost up all around my face. Tuesday and Wednesday weren't much warmer. The funny thing about that is I actually enjoyed it. Call me crazy but it felt like I was defying nature to a certain degree.

So my total weight loss is 6lbs and I have kept 20.5kgC out of the atmosphere. I actually feel pretty proud of that. I have researched the pay out for carbon credits and the number I get is only $30/CC (Carbon Credit) which is not really all that much if you ask me. I think companies are getting off dirt cheap. I doubt the validity of this number though so you should too. I am going to keep searching.

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