Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More on my Green Weight Loss Challenge

So how have I been doing on my Green Weight Loss Challenge you ask? Oh...you didn't ask? Well I'll tell you anyway. It is a bit frustrating to be honest. Two weeks ago I was only able to walk to work 2 out of 5 days and last week I managed to squeeze in three days of walking to work but then I also walked to a volunteer outing I had on Saturday morning, so I am going to count that as well. So I am now up to 21 trips to the office on foot and I have managed at least not to gain any weight. My weight loss is minimal and I can't really explain this. I still weigh 200lbs and I truly felt it would be no sweat for a guy of my physical stature to get down to about 190 by now. I have a new appreciation for those people who struggle to lose weight.

So what does this lack of weight loss mean to my Carbon footprint? Really it means nothing as I'm still continuing to keep carbon out of the environment. At present my calculations have me at almost 23.9kgC, far from attaining one carbon credit. I feel at present the carbon credit system is severely unbalanced and until polluters pay more than $20-$40US for a carbon credit they will simply continue to pollute and take a small refund when it is available and the clean green technology exists. Unfortunately for individuals such as me, this makes keeping track and having our credits audited not worth the effort. I simply have to be happy saying that I am doing the right thing for the environment, because I think in the end it would cost me more to have some consultant company validate my carbon reduction efforts. Here are a couple of sites I reviewed "What are Carbon Credits Worth?" or "How do I validate my carbon offsets?" and "How can I start a carbon offset project?" I find that there is a great deal of information out there but a lot of it is very vague and therefore I question its validity.

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