Sunday, February 6, 2011

Blessed Day

A little over a week ago I had one of those days.  You know the kind.  A day that memories are not really made, but life is none the less made richer.  A day where everything just seemed right.  A day where there just seemed to be God's light shining on everything you did.  By no stretch was the day special, but it was personally rewarding.  As I made my way home at the end of the day I knew exactly who to thank as I smiled to myself as everyone else slept during the drive.

In the morning I coached my son's hockey practice and the practice ran smoothly with the kids having lots of fun.  They smiled as the coaching team ran them through the drills and I felt a sense of pride and accomplishment with this simple task I was doing.  After practice my wife and I took the kids to Tim Horton's for a treat and we all laughed and relaxed while sitting in the eating area of the cafe.  At this point I thought to myself "What a great Canadian morning."

A memory in the making, thanks for the picture Michelle.
At home that afternoon I played and wrestled with the kids and that bright feeling continued.  My son's excitement for what was to come that night was growing.  As we loaded the car up, the kids and I dropped my wife off at work before heading to Saint John.  Before leaving Sussex though we stopped for a quick supper at McDonalds, my son's favorite place to eat.

The weather on the drive down was excellent and the kids laughed and sang as we enjoyed each others silliness.  Our first stop in Saint John was my sister and brother in-law's to drop off my daughter.  They had agreed to babysit her while my son and I headed to a hockey game.  Seth is a big Saint John Seadogs fan and was excited to go watch them play.  We walked through the pedway system in Saint John and Seth was amazed by all the people and by the fact we could walk inside, while seeming to be outside.  We obviously don't get him to the city enough.

This would be the second game he would see and the first one was too loud for him.  This time we went prepared with some earplugs.  As it would turn out he wouldn't need them.  He danced like a maniac trying to get himself up on the big screen to no avail but we had fun trying.  He pigged out on ice cream and cotton candy and head bobbed to the music throughout the entire game.  Even when the Seadogs scored one of the many goals they scored and the siren echoed inside the Station he cheered.  He no longer minded the noise that once bothered him as he was to enthralled by the blimp flying over head or by Fleaburn to be bothered by noise.  The Seadogs won handly that game with some great hockey but I didn't even notice the game as much as I was watching my son grow up in front of me.  Over the two hours we were there my son seemed to age his entire 5 years and I realized how thankful I was to have him in my life.

After the game we picked up Shaylee and did our best not to wake her for the ride home.  As Seth faded to sleep I turned on some light music and was overcome by that bright immense feeling of happiness again.  I said a little prayer with only my wife's absence being the only dark part of the day, but even that is worth being thankful for as we are both willing and capable of working to provide.

It was truly a blessing, this day I now write about.  I hope you can take the time to see these days when they happend and give thanks for all those small moments.

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