Friday, February 18, 2011

Nature as Lifting Therapy

Nature as Lifting Therapy

It was an incredible day today.  It is February 17, 2011 and the weather today had that first big hint of the coming of spring.  I couldn't sit in the office all day and write proposals and permit applications.  I had to get out and enjoy the weather.  I decided that we should go out and check on one of our aquatic habitat restoration sites to see what it looks like in winter time.  Chris McKnight, a colleague who has become a good friend, and I headed out to the large farm where in the summer of 2010 had worked at restoring the degraded riparian area.  The large fields spread far with virgin snow and the sun shining warm across my shoulders.  It was a great feeling. 

I snapped lots of pictures to illustrate the depth of snow which in places almost hid fence posts that hold a three strand barbed wire.  As we walked along a small tributary with steep banks I was amazed at the immensity of the drifts that heavily exaggerated the narrowness of the small ravine.  We easily walked over the fence in places and the brook in other places thanks to the drifting snow and ice.

As we complete the site assessment and start the journey back to the car I can't resist to walk across the field.  As I start up the hill I feel like I'm gliding.  The expansive, openness and the slight breeze seemed to push me across the field.  It started Chris and I talking and I came to a realization.  When our minds are tangled and stress has us tight as a drum we can lose it all in nature.  We can let the immensity of the beauty and the vastness of the open spaces, move us along and we can glide across the snow covered fields with no pain and little effort.

At a time in my life when I am dealing with a few things this was a great moment.  I'm glad that God gave me this moment and the ability to see it for what it was.  I pray that those who are struggling with their own lives can empty their minds and let nature take over for awhile.

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