Sunday, February 6, 2011

Outdoor Rink update

What a winter to try and create my first outdoor backyard rink.  I think I am ready to admit defeat.  I now have banks around the ice surface that are over 5 ft high all the way around.  To top it off, it is covered in snow once again.  We have skated on it a grand total of three times, for likely a total of 4 hours tops.  In those 4 hours though there was lots of fun and it has made it worth the effort.  Take a look at the smiles on the boys faces.

Before you ask "Where are their helmets?"  Let me defend by saying it was either frost bitten ears with a helmet on, or put on bulky hats to protect cheeks and ears from the bitter cold that day.

I might have to shovel it off at least one more time :)

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