Saturday, June 30, 2012

Firefly Frenzy

Laying in the grass looking up at the clouds as the sun set.
There is something that I can never remember doing as a kid that I wanted to do.  I had lots of opportunity as a kid to pursue this adventure but just never made the time.  In fact I never much gave it much thought until I was too old to truly enjoy it and not being embarrassed if I was caught doing it.  Well here a few nights ago I had my dog Bambi out in the field behind the house doing her last deed of the evening and suddenly I noticed the tell tale sign of fireflies every where.  There were tiny flicks of light just above the tall grass that provided a small and silent light show.  I sat in thought about these tiny bugs and debated waking the kids right then and there for a firefly catching extavaganza but thought better of it.  I'd wait until the weekend.

SHHH! Daddy be very quiet we're hunting fireflies.
So last night the kids and my wife and I all lathered up in fly dope and headed to the field to see if we could catch some fireflies.  It was an adventure for the kids and the dog who bounded through every inch of the field and made it very difficult to catch our bug of choice.  As the sun set and darkness fell the kids watched as more and more fireflies started lighting up.  After a great deal of effort we managed to catch one firefly for each of the kids.  We also caught moths, mosquitoes, and slugs which our daughter really seemed taken by.  At the end of the evening, well past the kids bedtime, we let all the bugs go safely back into the field.
Hey!  Where did the dog go?  Has anyone seen...hey where is everyone?

It was a memory making moment and one I wish I had of made time for when I was a young kid.  I hope my kids look back on it and laugh.  I know I will.

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