Monday, December 3, 2012

A Great Christmas Parade with Exceptions

Did you see the number of people at the Sussex Christmas parade?  Main Street looked very impressive with the Christmas lights, music, people, and the parade.  Kids were laughing and having fun and adults were all chatting and from time to time warning the kids not to play in the street.  It was a great evening of family entertainment.

For those who feel I'm overly positive and never create enough controversy in my writing...guess what?  I wasn't completely happy with the parade.  Don't get me wrong. I loved the parade.  My discontent stems from the people who feel the need to parallel park, on a crosswalk, and leave the car running for the entire parade.  Onlookers of the parade were essentially forced to breath in the fumes the car was putting out.  I think the Town should consider a parking ban during the parade or consider a section where if you need to, you can park and idle if needed.  For me that isn't a great option because of the environmental impact.

Really why would anyone really need to idle their car for the entire parade?  The car doesn't get that cold over the hour long event.  If it does, pack more blankets so you'll be warm enough.

Just so I don't leave this on a bad note, I want to tip my hat to the Town of Sussex.  Well done with the one exception which I don't feel you should have to address, people should know better.

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