Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas and Birthday Tribute

A couple of posts ago I talked about getting into the Christmas spirit.  I talked about old Christmas music and how it got me into the spirit.  I stated that I would be revisiting the topic again and that it would have family ties.  This post is a tribute to a wonderful woman in my life.  The woman who provided me with the love of Christmas and "Alabama,"  "Kenny and Dolly," "John Denver," and "George Strait" is celebrating a birthday tomorrow.  I want her to know how much I appreciated those childhood memories she provided. 

My Mom always played her country music loud and her country Christmas music even louder. I can remember going to bed at night with the smell of chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven.  I could hear wrapping paper crinkling and the whizz of the tape dispenser as she wrapped gifts.  She would be singing along with an Ann Murray carol and the sound of their voices was comforting.  Every Christmas would be the same and the only thing that changed it seemed were the presents we received...oh and I got older.  The familiar scene was comforting and it provided a solid foundation of what Christmas should be.  Family. 

Mom, you have made so many special Christmas memories for me.  I want to thank you and this short blog entry comes no where near demonstrating my gratitude.  I love you and those memories.  When I hear those country Christmas songs, you instantly come to mind and I can't help but smile and feel relaxed.   It helps me deal with the stress the season sometimes brings and it helps me slow down.  It is incredible how quickly the music you listened to and sung along with so quickly moves me and stirs those memories. 

Happy Birthday Mom and thanks for making a big deal out of Christmas.


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