Monday, December 23, 2013

A Wandering Christmas Checklist

 Just a note, this is a column that appeared in the Kings County Record back on December 17, 2013.  Since then, I think, Poley has received lots more snow.  Unfortunately the Living Manger was cancelled for the first time in 22yrs due to an ice storm, and my shopping...well...I'm just about there ;)

So, as I write this there is a layer of snow on the ground.  Bill, and his crew at Poley, have their fingers crossed, hoping that the temperatures stay cool enough to keep it that way.  If they get their way, as you read this, skiers should be gliding down the slopes in picturesque Waterford.  Snow, check.

It seemed to go on forever.  On Saturday, December 7th, the lights were shining bright and the floats just seemed to keep coming.  Honestly I think this might have been one of my most memorable Christmas parades that I've seen.  My son rode on the 4-H float and, as he went by us, had a smile on his face that might top the one he'll have on Christmas morning.  The Kingswood University float was boisterous and the bands marched proudly and the entire procession was one the entire region could be proud of.  Parade, check.

Streets seem brighter in the evening recently.  The light poles shine a little brighter thanks to the various Christmas decorations that line the street and help spread the Christmas cheer.  The kids at Sussex Corner Elementary School are getting excited and get more so every morning they walk into the school.  They can't help it since they took time to hang festive lights on the trees out front of their school.  It looks great and since I can see it as I write this, I too am feeling more Christmassy (that's a word right?) Lights, check.

The intersection of Main, Needle, and Post Road has a new structure starting to take place.  It looks a little old fashioned but seems to remind me of something.  Oh yeah, the "Living Manger" will be set up soon.  One of my favourite Christmas traditions is set to go on December 22nd.  The St. Marks Church is once again going to tell the story of Jesus birth through a living manger scene, complete with real animals.  I've written about this event in the past and in my mind Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without it.  You should get out and check it out this season.  Manger, check.

A number of locations around town suddenly became much greener the past week.  Christmas tree lots are sprouting up and the seasonal business is booming.  I'm a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas so we have a real tree in our home.  The first tree my kids knew was the Christmas tree, even before the maple tree.  I love the smell of a fir tree in the house over the holidays.  When you mix the smell of a Christmas tree with that of a turkey roasting overnight, you have Christmas.  Tree, check.

I'm a social guy.  I enjoy getting out and talking to people.  I don't really like shopping but during the Christmas season, when I can socialize while shopping, I don't mind it.  This time of year you seem to run into people that you haven't seen in awhile.  Everyone has more patience, even when lines are long.  Instead of getting frustrated, people turn to the person behind them in line and chat.  The purpose of shopping is to get gifts but maybe the biggest gift you can give over the holidays is chatting with someone you might not normally talk to.  Presents, ok, so I still have some work to do here.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone, my family sends prayers and blessings for good things to all.

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