Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas from the Whalens

December 24, 2013.  Christmas Eve.  I've been busy wrapping presents and shoveling my driveway.  The weather is putting a great deal of stress on people who are traveling over the Christmas holiday.  For us even getting downtown is a chore.  I pray for all those who want to travel to see family this wonderful holiday.  I know the urge that possesses someone to see family.  Christmas is about family and traditions and to be alone is no fun.  You will brave snowstorms and icy roads just to see that familiar smile.

Personally I am so blessed to have my family all here in the same county as I am.  We all live less than 15 minutes apart and it truly is a blessing.  My wife sacrifices a great deal over the holidays as her family, though not terribly far, are farther away and we struggle to make time to see them.  I hope she knows that this sacrifice doesn't go unnoticed.   This year we are hoping to see most of them barring the weather.

The Christmas songs are playing loud, the wrapping paper is crumpling, and the ice pellets are still lightly hitting the windows.  The kids are laughing, they have delivered baked goods to the neighbors, and are getting more excited by the minute.  With my wrapping almost done, I'm getting more and more into the Christmas spirit.  It is very unlikely that I'll get another chance to write a post so from the Whalens to all of you we wish you a very Merry Christmas.

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