Thursday, August 20, 2015

Rescues on the Footpath

So there is another incident where some hikers need rescued off the Fundy Coast near the Fundy Footpath.  For some coverage on the issue you can check out the CBC NB.  I'm glad the hikers were rescued and that no one was seriously injured.  It would be  nice to know if these folks were actually hikers or simply day trippers who were out to enjoy Martin Head?  I find it hard to believe that anyone hiking the Fundy Footpath would need to resort to climbing a rock face at 9:00pm to escape the tides.  As someone who has hiked the trail for over 20years and completed many through trips in the area, it concerns me that we have people possibly hiking the trail unprepared.  I'm not sure how to work around it.  I know that one appeal of hiking is to test your own skills and abilities and to push your limits but maybe people have to be made more aware of the challenges of the Fundy Footpath. 

There are guidebooks, maps, websites, blogs (including this one), that provide a wealth of information on the trail so if someone gets into trouble it shouldn't be because of tides, it should be because of an injury or health concerns.  People need to better prepare themselves.

Sorry this is jumpy but I wanted to get it out there.  I recently wrote a column in the Kings County Record about being in a Catch 22.  I'll try to post it later as it relates somewhat to the issues that are developing on the Fundy Footpath.

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