Monday, August 31, 2015

Some Tips for Beginner Fly Fishing.

One of my buddies testing the waters on Smith's Creek above the Oldfield Covered Bridge
There is a misconception out there about angling being a rich man's sport.  I am by no means a rich man, yet I consider myself an angler.  I'm not a professional angler, nor even an amateur.  To me it isn't necessarily a sport but rather an incredibly enjoyable hobby. 

Not long ago I got started into fly fishing and to get going it cost me probably less than $100.  I didn't buy waders because I could go with some sneakers and shorts.  I didn't buy a fishing vest right away but just carried what I needed in my day pack.

To be honest I could write about it all day but someone else already created 5 fly fishing tips that I think are pretty solid.  The only other thing I might add is that don't let limited financial resources stand in your way.  Just get out there and keep casting, there is no better way to learn.  The link also has lots of good links to videos and such so check them out to.

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