Thursday, April 24, 2008

Gas and Self Sufficiency

Here where I live the government has been talking a great deal about becoming self-sufficient. They have tossed around plenty of ideas on how to do that. Some of them very appealing but most I have come to find are not truly about becoming self-sufficient but rather about increasing our revenue. These are not the same. A week or so ago, I read in the local paper that it has been suggested that we need to triple our population by 2026 in order to become self-sufficient. WHAT? HELLO! If we triple our population we triple our needs and decrease the space in which to meet those needs. I think my government and I strongly disagree with the way self-sufficiency should be attained. I believe we need to quit looking at import and export markets but rather produce and buy locally. We are a resource rich area so there is no need for us to import energy, food, fuel, furniture, wood, and on and on. We need to start helping those within our area who need it before we start helping those from outside our area. We need to decrease the gap between low incomes and high incomes and this shared wealth will increase the tax base and thus provide us with the revenue to provide those services needed most, education and health care. But that is just me rambling this morning because I got upset at the gas pumps.

I thought ahead last night and filled my gas tank on our Ford Escort (A domestic car by the way.) and it was a good thing I did. I was shocked when I drove by the gas station today and read that the price had shot up 5cents since last night. 5CENTS! So much for gas price regulation halting price shock at the pumps as they said it would. Now I am ignorant when it comes to fuel prices, I have no idea how they are set, but really come on. You can't tell me that the gas I pumped last night cost 5cents less than that pumped by someone this morning? Someone is making a great deal of money. Can someone please explain how this system works to me?

Well that is my little rant this morning. I gotta head to the woods to clear my head. When I am there at least I feel self-sufficient. Hey maybe that is it? Maybe we should all go back to leading a simpler, more physical type of lifestyle where we walk everywhere not drive. This would increase public health, decreasing health costs, reduce pollution, reduce fuel and energy demands, and just make everything least for me.

See you in the woods.


Rob said...

I hear you man...I cringe and whine everytime I go to the gas tank. Heck my girl and I dont even go out as mcuh like we used to. Everytime we are like lets go to the mall or lets go to the park...the gas meter hits me right in the face and then I say I would rather use that gas to travel to the park or the mall for traveling to work. Then she feels the same way. Its a drag. I hate gas prices so much and I really dont know who the big boss is running the show...but man have some mercy! Good venting post. It been building up.

Johnny said...

Great rant, I couldn't agree more.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm starting a sort of grass roots and would like each of us to write to our local leaders with a plea to start producing our own oil and to stop the imports! We are an oil rich country with over 400 years worth of reserves. With a conscious effort to save the enviornment and produce oil (we are an intelligent society and can achieve this) we may get some attention.

We need to be proactive as a nation and not reactive and wait till we can't afford to buy/use oil! (ex. the hybrid.. and GM.. Hello! how long has the Prius been around???)
Alpana, Jacksonville, Florida