Friday, July 17, 2009

A Different Wandering

Well this post will be a bit different than what I normally write about. I don't normally talk about movies or pop culture type topics but I had such a great time last night I have to tell you a bit about it.

My wife, who is very pregnant and looks amazing, had a Doctor appointment in Saint John and she wanted me to drive her. We don't get out often anymore just the two of us so we decided to make an evening date out of the trip. Am I ever glad we did as we had a simple but wonderful time.

Our first stop after the hospital was dinner at the Saint John Alehouse. The food was absolutely great with a relaxed atmosphere. Each of us dined on different seafood plates and were very full and content at the end of the meal. On most nights that would make for a great date on its own but we decided we wanted to see a movie as well. We had a gift certificate that was likely almost 2yrs old so we thought it was about time.

We headed to Empire Theater to see what was playing. Neither one of us had a clue about the recent movies. What can I say I'm not really into pop culture. We eventually settled on a movie and proceeded to buy our tickets. Well for two people who didn't know what movie to watch did we ever pick a great one. At the risk of sounding like a softy, remember this was a date for us, we chose "The Proposal". Honestly, I laughed my ass off the whole movie. Just when you think they were going to get soft and serious in this romantic comedy they would have you busting a gut again. It was funny listening to the crowd in the theater, one moment silence as it gets a bit serious and then full out laughter. The best thing about watching a movie in a theater is that laughing is contagious, so a piece you might find mildly funny at home is hilarious at the theater. was an awesome movie...and an incredible date. Love you babe.

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