Friday, July 3, 2009

Weather, Fish, and Dreams

The weather lately has been pretty crappy. It has not been what you might class as summer sunshine for sure. That has not kept me off the brooks, rivers, and creeks though. I have had a couple of good days out this week, including last evening. The fish last evening is what inspired me to write this morning. Usually when I write about a fishing trip it is about the fish but this time it is about what was in the air.

Yesterday was a gray day, like most days lately. It was still gray after supper, but my experience has found that, usually, the fishing is good on days like that. As luck would have it the fish were lively, and plentiful, though not very large, last night. This made the fishing fun, what made it difficult was the low lying fog or mist that seemed to encompass everything. I couldn't see where to place my feet as I scrambled downstream. I almost felt like I was fishing on a cloud. It created a really nice aura though and after awhile I got used to looking through it to the water and I began to enjoy the mist. It gave the brook I have fished dozens of times a new personality and I could convince myself easily that I had never fished there before.

As the sun set and I broke down my pole I didn't really want to leave the brook. I wandered aimlessly down the stream towards my waiting truck with my head literally and figuratively in the clouds. It was a great way to end a busy work day.

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