Friday, July 24, 2009

Thoughts on Food and food for thought

I was asked the other day about food that I take backpacking and so I thought I should write a bit about it. I do not profess to be a great cook at home and that doesn't magically change in the back country. Things in the back country though simply taste better, and since I like to eat, I have enhanced my camp cooking skills out of necessity. I have made bad meals while camping and I have made some really good meals, but regardless they all served a function.

When backpacking, food is not extravagant, it is simply sustenance. You have to eat in order to carry your pack and continue hiking. This means your food must be light weight, packable, and durable. Some things are better to pack than others. I find it hard to advise people on what to take for food because it is taste dependent, but ultimately if you are hungry enough you'll eat anything so here are a couple of things I like to take along.

Lipton Soupworks or Lipton Sidekicks - These make for great meal starters. I often will add canned meat, veggies, instant potatoes or rice to these to make them stretch a little farther. One of my favorite meals is a can ckicken, a package of Lipton Chicken Nooodle Soupworks, 3-6 mushrooms, a half a pouch of instant potatoes, and a half a cup of rice. Boil the soupworks and reduce the heat, add the mushrooms, rice, and chicken. Let it steam for five minutes and then add the intant potatoes. The result should be a thick creamy casserole that will feed to hungry hikers.

Flat Bread is the ultimate for making sandwiches on the trail. Spray it with some butter and add your Sussex Cheese and toppings and hmmmmm yummy.

For my snacks I enjoy eating from a bag of "Oreo minis" or a bag of "Smarties" or if I don't need the sugar rush I will eat a blueberry nutrigrain bar or a new found snack that my son enjoys "Fruit to Go". All these help provide me with a quick energy boost or help balance my system out.

Check back another time and maybe I'll add a few more recipes or backpacking meal ideas.

Happy wandering.

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