Thursday, October 1, 2009

AES Leads the Way!!

Here a week or so ago I wrote about the TD Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup hosted by the Kennebecasis Watershed Restoration Committee. I hinted at my disappointment with how some people carelessly dispose of trash in our rivers. This is especially disappointing considering how easy it is to get rid or your trash in our region. If you need tips on how to handle your waste maybe you should ask the kids at the Apohaqui Elementary School. These kids seem to have it down pat.

The teachers there are aiding children from kindergarten to grade 5 in many environmental projects. They are composting food waste using vermi-composters, recycling batteries by the box full, and now they are incorporating a wet/dry recycling program into their day to day school activities. I recently spoke to these children and introduced them to how the wet/dry, or blue/green, waste diversion program worked. It was incredible seeing how enthusiastic the kids and teachers were, to not only try this program out, but to protect the environment as well.

I am hoping that you can follow the example of these young kids and make that extra effort to fully follow the waste diversion programs being offered in your area. Before long you will be so accustomed to making that extra effort that it will be no effort at all and you will be making large strides in protecting the environment.

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