Thursday, October 29, 2009

Volunteer wonders

I heard a term earlier this week. It was "Radical Generosity". Volunteers often give radically and expect nothing in return. Their efforts very often result in amazing feats. Those who volunteer often don't get enough praise or recognition for what they do. Today I want to tell you about the "House that Apples Built". Apparently the manse at the St. Johns United Church on Needle Street, in Sussex Corner, NB was refurbished using money raised selling apple pies. Volunteers gather annually to bake apple pies in the Church's hall kitchen. The first time they did this they sold approximately 200 pies. Now they prepare over 1200 pies.

This is not a large church but the congregation is dedicated. They maintain a manse, the church, and a large center. So for this group I tip my hat. If they can do this imagine what a whole village could do. If everyone volunteered one hour a week I bet the place you lived would be much happier.

If you want a great apple pie stop by the church hall on Needle Street and place your order.

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