Thursday, October 8, 2009

Don't Let the Rain Get You Down

It's been raining incessantly lately and Environment Canada is calling for still more rain. It has put, literally, a damper on many things. The woods are soaking wet and the rivers running full. This keeps me from doing my field studies and monitoring but luckily I have lots of writing to do and book work.
All the rain got me thinking though. What are the funnest activities to do when the rain has you down? I had to think about this for sometime and in order to come up with sufficient material to write about I had to go back to being a kid. Let's face it, it isn't kids that don't like the rain, it is often their parents.

So here is my list of outdoor rainy day activities. I warn you though that you may have to let yourself feel young again. I have always enjoyed #3 the most.

1. Seriously play in big mud puddles. See who can make the biggest splash while running through the mud puddle. If your puddle has a soft bottom why not do a belly flop in it. I dare you. When you're done you may want to go back inside and have a nice warm shower followed by enjoying a hot cup of tea.

2. Have a contest to see who can collect the most rain water in an ice cream bucket. Dipping your bucket into a puddle is cheating so too is putting your bucket on the ground and leaving it. You have to hold your bucket in your hands but creativity is encouraged :)

3. Carve a small boat into a stick or find another floating material and race different items down a nearby ditch or stream. Better yet, see if you can divert the water in your puddle into a nearby ditch and have it float to the ditch.

4. If its a warm rain go for a swim. Heck you're already wet so why not. Swimming in the rain is actually reviving. I strongly suggest you do this in mid-summer rains only. It might not be suitable for this time of year.

5. Simply go for a walk in the woods. Be sure to wear good rain gear and to take your time. Smell the rain, the moisture in the leaves and forest floor, permeates your sense of smell and it is very memorable.

There is nothing keeping you inside on a rainy day so get out there and enjoy it. The picture by the way was taken by KWRC staff near the mouth of the Musquash Brook, a tributary to the Kennebecasis. Typically, I would be able to stand there in sneakers and not get wet.

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