Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Trail Maitenance Day

Hiking and backpacking trails often depend on volunteers for various things. Promotion, marking, mapping, and maitenance often depend on volunteers in order to be completed. The various trails near the Fundy Coast in New Brunswick is fortunate enough to have a modest supply of dedicated volunteers. This weekend the Fundy Hiking Trails Assoc. Inc. will be hosting a training session for those interested in learning what trail maitenance is all about. The group, which is based in Moncton, will meet at the Dobson Trail Parking lot on Pine Glen Road in Riverview at 8:00am on October 24th. From here the group will drive to Sussex Corner and then past Poley Mountain before stopping at Adair's Wilderness Lodge around 9:30am. Here everyone will meet and begin the introduction to the events of the day. Work will be done on the Catamount Trail which connects Adair's Lodge to the Fundy Footpath. The Catamount is a developing trail that someday will connect Sussex Corner to the coastal wilderness.

If you want to learn about these trails or help out meet the volunteers at one of the meeting points and join in. The day will be spent marking, pruning, and flagging the trail so wear appropriate clothing and footwear. You should also pack a lunch to eat along the trail. Rain gear might be beneficial too as lately this region has been wet.

If you can't make it out make sure you thank the many volunteers. The pic I posted with this is near the Catamount Trail, it is actually just a small pond. I thought it looked kinda spooky so in honor of Halloween I posted it.

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