Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Looking for roots.

Last weekend I spent some time in Fredericton, NB for a conference. I was able to stay in a fancy hotel, the Delta, and enjoy some fine dining. This goes against my typical, daily routine, and against my biological makeup. My mind and body are not use to finer things. This became really apparent to me when I took a walk on Fredericton's great river front nature trail. This trail follows along the banks of the Saint John River where kayakers and anglers often enjoy the best mother nature has to offer while the rest of the city races from one mundane task to another.

As I walked one evening from my hotel room, along the trail to where the conference was, I had a strong realization. I was dressed up, or at least dressed up for me. I had nice shoes, pressed shirt, and pleated pants...yet here I was hiking along the trail as though I wasn't out of place. It was kind of a funny, yet enjoyable feeling. My life has become more professionally focused you might say as of late. This walk however, demonstrated to myself, that I still haven't forgotten my roots.

I hope next time your out for a walk that you can find your roots.

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