Thursday, August 8, 2013

Garden Harvest, Prizes and Memories

The other morning before I left for work I made a quick stop in the garden.  I was able to thin the carrots and take some good sized legumes for my lunch.  While I was at it I also grabbed some beans, which we have an over abundance of.  Our peas are now pretty much done with only a few of the plants re-blooming after the first harvest.  I need to check on this to see how I can improve this.

I had forgotten how much work went into prepping veggies after you harvest them.  I cleaned the carrots, about a bowl full, and topped them.  It was enough for one meal but it took about 15minutes to prep them for consumption.  The thought that I grew a portion of my lunch however was very rewarding.  Since I also had warmed up salmon I could also convince myself that maybe I could actually provide an entire lunch from off the land.  I had to ignore the fact that I was eating a farm raised salmon and Uncle Ben's rice.  No he is not really my uncle :)

Beyond the eating of the fruits of your labor, the other rewarding part of our garden was the learning opportunities it provided the kids.  They ate most of the peas right off the stalk.  They would raid the garden and then go sit on a nearby hay bale to chow down on the big peas.  The whole time they wore big smiles as they felt comfortable in nature.  It made me smile as I slaved away at weeding and mowing the lawn.  Speaking of the lawn...I think I need to go mow it again.

Hope you have a garden you can learn from and build memories in.

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