Friday, August 23, 2013

Have you Met New Brunswick

"Hi.  I'm New Brunswick."  That is the new slogan for Tourism New Brunswick.  I can't stand it.  Don't get me wrong, I think the slogan is pretty clever.  It speaks to those who have never been introduced to what we have to offer.  My problem with it is that I thought I knew New Brunswick.  That was until I watched the commercial and seen all those great activities I haven't had a chance to do yet.  Watch the commercial next time and I think you'll agree.  This Province has a ton of fun stuff to do.
I have driven the entire perimeter of this Province and when possible I have stayed along the coastal shores.  If you have never done this, I suggest you do it.  Just within an hour drive of Sussex is some amazing scenery.  Check out Duck Pond Road near Black River if you need proof.  Despite this tour of our great Province, I realize, I need to get out even more.  There are so many camp grounds, beaches, tours, and activities that I haven't done yet.  There are places, Kings Landing to name just one, which I need to get back and visit   with my kids so that they appreciate what we have here.  I live near the Fundy shore and have never taken a whale watching tour, I have never taken a jet boat ride on reversing falls, and, this one hurts, I have never been to Mount Carleton.  In my defence I have seen a whale off the shores near Halifax while in a kayak, I walked onto the Digby ferry once, and I have topped Mount Katahdin in Maine. 
What I'm trying to say is that even if you think you have done it all, explore some more and you'll find something that you haven't yet done.  If you're like me and made the transition from a single wanderer to one with kids, then share your experience with your kids.  I remember when I hiked in Katahdin seeing kids about 6-8 years old traversing the "Knife's Edge."  At the time I questioned the parents thinking and wondered if it would be safe.  Now as a father of 8 and 4 year olds, I think those parents had it right.  I need to put a disclaimer in there.  If you take your kids exploring make sure you are super prepared and make sure you can physically handle potentially carrying one or both of the children across the terrain you're exploring.  I have had to do this on more than one occasion, but wouldn't take that experience and those memories from my kids at all.
Le Pays de La Sagouine, Grand Falls, Tree Go, New River Beach, those are simply some of the summer locations that I have yet to see.  Maybe one of the best things about all these locations and activities is that they are relatively, close by and in expensive.  So I have to ask myself, why I am I not undertaking more adventures.  I have found inspiration again and will need to get serious about getting out to some of these great events.  I need to step away from my reliable fishing trips and hikes and get my family out and see more of what our Province has to offer.  I challenge you to do the same.  Who knows, maybe I'll see you on the road and we can share the experience together.

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