Saturday, August 17, 2013

Watching them Grow

As a kid I was always fishing and from that time I grew and learned to appreciate my natural surroundings.  I credit the time on the river for helping form who I have become.  On Friday night I took my son, and three of my nephews out for a short fishing trip.  We didn't go far but we stayed in the tent in a place where I used to tent as a kid.  Just so I wouldn't drown one of the kids my father joined us to help provide balance.

Since I didn't have Friday off, we didn't get to the river until almost 7:00pm.  Seth and I arrived first and set up the tent and fire circle and no sooner did we finish than two of my nephews show up.  We got them settled and then hit the brook for a short fish.  The water was a little low and the fish weren't really active.  Despite this, Seth managed to land two fish; one a real nice 10inch trout.

The highlight of the day was the campfire right next to the brook.  The boys chatted over their hot chocolate and smores.  As I took it in I couldn't help but see them all growing right before my eyes.  This became even more evident when they went to sleep in the tent.  I didn't have to sit in the tent with them until they went to sleep and they all chatted like young adults as they slowly drifted off to sleep.

The next morning we moved down to bigger water and everyone had some action with Seth landing two real nice trout and my nephew Kyle landing his first ever trout on his own.  The time flew by way to quickly and because some of the party had to be elsewhere that afternoon we had to head for home.  When I announced it to the boys they all groaned "Do we have to?"

It was an awesome time, even if short.  I look forward to the many more growing moments yet to come with our great family.

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