Thursday, August 15, 2013

Rods and No Lightning

Seth and I were able to return to the river we were chased out of a week or so ago.  If you remember from my last post thunder and lightening chased us off the river.  This time the skies were clear and we enjoyed a long evening of fishing and bonding.

The Whalen clan has always seemed to be able to bond while fishing.  I'm not sure what it is that allows us to form relationships and memories while hardly talking but we do.  I should say that rather loosely because Seth talked a geat deal that night.  He talked about how he wants to learn how to fly fish soon and how his next Lego pack will be the biggest one yet and he only has to save five more weeks of allowance for it.

All the time he talked he walked or casted.  It was impressive actually.  I was struggling with my fly line in the trees as he pulled out his sixth or seventh trout on his bait rod.  We caught a great deal of fish but only kept two.  It was a great place to take an eight year old fishing because he never got bored.  I never got bored taking in as i watched my son literally grow before my eyes.

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